Steve Thomas-Green

The Lunchtime Lift-Off! 
(Mon-Fri - 12noon)

I'm Steve, 

I’ve been a music junkie most of my life, having been brought up on a diet of Bad Company, Queen, SAHB, and ELO in the 1970s, before discovering the likes of Black Sabbath (with Dio), Rainbow, and Motorhead in the 80s, before progressing onto the more extreme side of Metal.

I’ve been involved in the music scene since the mid-90s, mainly in the Extreme Metal scene, and have been involved in radio for more than a decade. I still run a small digital magazine, called Smorg, but radio is my real passion.

The Lunchtime Lift-Off is basically me being really selfish, playing loads of music I love from Rock, Punk, Ska/Reggae as well as a variety of more popular songs. The core of the show is music from the 1960s through to the 90s, but I will throw in a few newer releases, some Country Rock, as well as a few curveballs… as I hurtle towards 60, I’m still a bit of a rule breaker.

You will find me here on ASR (Allsounds Radio) Mon - Fri 12 noon,
with your "Lunchtime Lift-off"



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