How did we get here, you may ask? ASR (Allsounds Radio) originally called "VYPA Radio", and before that was called "Oldies Online". The stations were all owned and run by Dave Marley who was the original owner of JFSR (Jazz Funk Soul Radio) now one of the UKs leading Soul Radio Stations. With what is now a long history of broadcasting and radio, Dave felt it was time for another rebrand in early 2023 and move forward with his team of wonderful presenters. (ASR) Allsounds Radio was planned throughout the winter of 2022/2023 and launched soon after.

ASR is proud to carry some quality in-house presenters, many of whom are well-seasoned. Some of which not only include Dave Marley, but also legends such as DJ Mwave, Paul Huggett, Gary Hedge, Ron Seeth, Kenny Tosh, Andrew Stevens, DJ Robbo, Gus McCormack, Greavsie, Mike Lawrence, Tony Lloyd, Phil Pegrum, Jono D Pearce, Pete Dossett, Rob Charles, DJ Dave'O, Ian Finch, Chris Meineck, Bob Le-Roi, Geoff Dorsett, Mark Langdon, John Freeman, Gary Cooke, James Ross, Chris Pitchford, Steve Thomas-Green, Richard Oliver, Leo Kirby, Pete Kirkpatrick, Kevin Dinnigan, Steve Bishop, Phil Wilson, Gary Hopkins, Geoff Wood, Stewart Roxburgh, Albert Dean and that's just some of the fellas. We also boast that we have some of radio's finest ladies onboard too. Expect to hear from Debbie Williams, Kate Davies, Special K, Gill Hardiker, Nettie G, Stella Huggett, Sandy M and Fi Shoop. There are many more presenters. See them all on our "Presenters Page".

A great deal of care is taken to bring to our audience quality, production, and musical content in an ad-free environment. Wherever possible, ASR tracks are original recordings by original artists. All the tracks played are carefully hand-picked by the presenters themselves. There are no forced playlists on ASR. We strive to make sure the mix of music and genres is just right for our potential audience and valued listeners. Our streaming service is second to none, with care taken to provide you with the best possible listening experience.

You can tune into ASR in several different ways. Firstly, there is our website popup player, perfect for tuning in on your PC or laptop, from home or work. You can take us on the move by downloading our official "Allsounds Radio App" (for free), available from the "Apple App Store" and "Google Play Store" by simply searching for "Allsounds Radio".

You can hear us using "Amazon Alexa" by using the following commands..

YOU: "Alexa, Enable Skill"
ALEXA: "Which skill do you want to enable"
YOU : "Allsounds Radio"
ALEXA: "OK, here's Allsounds Radio"


YOU: "Alexa, Play Allsounds Radio"
ALEXA: "OK, here's Allsounds Radio"

You will find us on all the popular 3rd party app players such as "Tune-In" and "MyTuner Radio". You will find us on your "Sonos" system and on your "Amazon Firestick". We can also be found on WIFI Radio platforms such as "Roberts WIFI Radio".
If you have a suggestion for a platform we are not already on, please let us know by using the website "contact us" link found above.

You will find us on most "socials". First and foremost, look up and join the "ASR - Allsounds Radio Group" on Facebook, where you can interact with our DJs as they are on air and join in the fun and banter with our regular listeners from across the globe. You can also give us a "LIKE" on the Facebook "Allsounds Radio UK Page". We are also on "Twitter", "YouTube", "Mixcloud", and "Instagram".

We encourage you to keep an eye on our schedule for all new and upcoming shows and presenters. We would also be eternally grateful if you would play your part in our growth simply by bookmarking "Allsounds Radio" and then helping spread the word by letting people know how and where to find us.

Enjoy your musical journey with us, and happy listening!


Dave Marley & The ASR Team


ASR (Allsounds Radio) support the artists and writers of all music played on the station and are licensed by PRS and PPL

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