Special K

Mid Morning Madness
(Monday to Friday - 10am)

Hi, I'm Kelly M Aka Special K.

Born on the South Coast in Hampshire, I was brought up by a mother who loves her music.
At 2 years old, I was already singing along, loving the beats and rhythms!

Over the years, my love of music has developed and evolved. While a rock chick at heart, I have very
eclectic tastes as you'll see in my show.

My show is a celebration of the hundreds of incredible artists out there and their contributions to the music industry. Just the right mix of music for your weekday mornings. 

So tune in and join the 'Mid Morning Madness!' Weekdays at 10am on ASR (Allsounds Radio)

See you there.

Special K x


ASR (Allsounds Radio) support the artists and writers of all music played on the station and are licensed by PRS and PPL

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