DJ Mwave

The Flashback (Monday - 6pm)

Ladies & Gents,

My name is Rainer aka DJ MWAVE, I live near Cologne in Germany, I'm a child of the 80s and I present my new show on Allsounds Radio called "THE FLASHBACK" each and every Monday evening between 6pm-8pm GMT.

It's an entertaining two hours show of smooth mixes of different musical styles, which include New Wave, New Romantic, Synth Pop, Soul, Funk, Disco, and pretty much all genres of dance music, mostly from the '70s & '80s, to show you that it's possible and entertaining to mix different music from different decades in one flow.

I have been working alongside Dave Marley for 13 years now on previous successful internet projects, and now I'm very proud to also be a part of his current project called Allsounds Radio, bringing you the very best in music from the legendary GoodVibe Studio in Germany.

I will support this fantastic station from the bottom of my heart, and I hope that you the listener will enjoy my Mixes. Feel free to drop me your comments and ideas.

Love & Peace to all the listeners of ASR (Allsounds Radio) all over the world and always remember, as long as it grooves, I'll mix it for you.

Rainer (DJ Mwave)


ASR (Allsounds Radio) support the artists and writers of all music played on the station and are licensed by PRS and PPL

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