Chris Meineck

Secret Seventies Show (Tuesday - 8pm)

Hi, Chris here,

My initial interest in radio broadcasting is owed to my dad who worked first for the BBC and then for EMI Records in the late '80s, presenting a daily internal radio show. The home radio studio was often more enticing than playing with Meccano and so it was a natural progression to start presenting a weekly show on a community station in Dorset, UK, at just 15 years old. That show ran for eight years and led to several other opportunities on local stations. Always keen to support my local area, I have enjoyed taking part and assisting with carnivals and other events such as the 'Maiden Newton At War' festival where I assisted in the running of a Restricted License Station covering a big public event for 3 days. I am also an active member of an amateur dramatics society, having taken many lead roles and often backstage as the sound engineer.

The technical side of broadcasting is as much a passion as presenting for me and I have a reputation for my split-second timing which I often use when editing shows and interviews for fellow presenters. Pop history has always been a fascination to me and this comes in handy, not only for my radio shows but also when taking part in regular quizzes!

Hope you can join me here on ASR (Allsounds Radio) every Tuesday at 8pm for my show.

"The Secret 70s" Shh! Don't tell anyone, it's a secret.

Chris Meineck


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