Gus McCormack

The 50s & 60s Songbook (Saturday - 4pm)

Hi, it’s ‘Golden’ Gus here,

I’ve long had a fascination with 50’s & 60’s rock’n’roll era music indeed ever since, as a young lad, my dad brought home a bunch of old London American label 45’s, one of which was Del Shannon’s So Long Baby. Well, that was me hooked from a tender age and to be honest, I’ve never looked back.

My passion is lost and forgotten 50’s and 60’s, you know, the songs that just don’t get played anymore and very often never charted but are so good they all deserve another chance to be heard and for me, it’s all about not letting this great music disappear. I love to share this passion and with the opportunity to join the team at ASR (Allsounds Radio)” you’ll find me Saturday afternoon at 4pm presenting the “50’s & 60s Songbook”.

I’ll catch you all, back in the 1950s!

Gus McCormack


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