Kevin Dinnigan

The Solid Gold Show (Friday - 10pm)

Hi all, I'm Kevin Dinnigan,
but you can call me Kev..

To introduce myself to you,
I am a former Nightclub Compere. I was once a resident Disco DJ & Radio Presenter living in Sheffield but now living in Perth Australia.

"The Solid Gold Show" plays Hits & Memories from the 60s 70s & 80s, along with a touch of humor to keep you smiling and the show flowing. My show also has a "True Or False" feature each week. It's a fun fast paced show that entertains listeners, like Radio always use to back in the day.

Some of my favourite Radio Presenters from days gone by were..
Jimmy Young, Tony Blackburn, DLT, Alan "Fluff" Freeman, Noel Edmonds & David Hamilton etc amongst others. 

Join me for "The Solid Gold Show", 2 hours every week of Hits & Memories,
Friday at 10pm, here on ASR (Allsounds Radio).



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