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The Retro Album Chart (Thur - 12am)

I'm Titus Jennings.

A child of the 60s and of suburban London, though now a resident of South Wales. I have been involved in radio and the music industry, in one form or another, for most of my working life. I've been waffling away and playing my always-eclectic blend of music since the late 70s on stations such as London Hospitals Broadcasting, Kingston Hospital Radio, and University Radio Bath.

In the 90s and 00s, I presented the Breakfast Shows on Bath's Torch FM and Bristol's Caroline Rocks, and have been working as a presenter/producer & program controller on a number of internet-based stations since 2005. I also managed a couple of Bristol record stores in the late 80s, was a Pinnacle Records sales rep for a decade, and have also written CD, DVD, and book reviews for Record Collector and other publications.

My 'Retro Album Chart Show' features the charts from 2 years each week here on ASR (Allsounds Radio) and includes the cream of the crop from each or at least the cream of the relevant crop of my collection.

Titus Jennings


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