Paul Huggett

Golden Nuggetts (Tuesday - 6pm)

Hi, it’s great to be part of the ASR (Allsounds Radio) team.

Prior to the Lockdown year of 2020, my musical output was mostly of the playing live variety, having been in a large number of bands over, shall we say, quite a few years, mostly playing bass, sometimes as vocal frontman, or in later years writing and performing my own acoustic songs. In addition, I spent a lot of time too in commentary booths at various motorsports events, and for a while in the 1980s on Screen Sport TV. I’ve been a radio fan since childhood, so the chance to present my own music shows that lockdown pushed me towards was one I couldn’t resist. I first came to Oldies Online (as ASR was called then) in 2020, and currently have a weekly show here on ASR (Allsounds Radio)

My musical tastes are broad, but mainly when played by musicians, rather than produced electronically in the studio. During my show, you’ll hear everything from rock, power pop, and soul, to folk, blues, funk, and country on 'Golden Nuggets' Tuesdays at 6pm. The show has special features such as artist profiles, classic albums, themed shows, and the occasional interview with people in the music business.

Hope you can tune in, and enjoy the show.

Let Me Entertain you… we know a song about that…

Paul Huggett


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