Nettie G

Nettie G's 80s Classics (Sunday - 10am)

Hi. I'm Nettie G.

I have been a radio presenter since August 2018. Growing up in the 80s means it is my favourite era so doing an 80s show seemed natural. It is well known I am a big Adam & the Ants and A-ha fan along with Madonna!!!

After starting out as a complete rookie, I went on to present other shows including Saturday breakfast and Drivetime as well as produce other shows. My background is in media having studied that at college. I then went on to train at Radio Clyde on a 6 month programme, which I loved. I then moved into TV and climbed the ladder to Production Manager. Anyone remember Club Reps? Guilty!!!

Sadly, ill health put an end to my career and I was forced to change direction so I couldn't believe my luck when I got the chance to be a presenter. Talk about a dream come true? So, I have been living the dream ever since and now I bring my 80s Classics to ASR (Allsounds Radio)

See you Sunday morning at 10am for 'Nettie G's 80s Classics'

Nettie G x


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