John Freeman

Freeman's Choice (Saturday - 8pm)

Hi there,

I wanted to be a DJ from the age of 17, with an ambition to work for the famous UK pirate station Radio Caroline. However, I ended up sticking to a boring safe career and accepting being a part-time DJ on hospital, university, and land-based pirate radio stations during the period 1976 to 1984. I also ran a successful mobile disco.

After a long break of 37 years, I returned to radio during the COVID-19 pandemic and worked for Radio Seagull for 16 months and then Epic Radio for a year. When the latter closed down on the 8th of October, I started looking for a new home for my “Freeman’s Choice” radio program and eventually came across ASR (Allsounds Radio)

I switched from liking Glam to Prog Rock in 1973 when a girl at school lent me her LP “Selling England by the Pound” by Genesis. I have never looked back since, although I do like and play other genres of album music like Blues, Folk, Country Rock, Acoustic, Reggae, Indie, but definitely no Rap! My favorite decade is the 1970’s, which listeners will soon become aware of..

See you on air, Saturday at 8pm.

John Freeman


ASR (Allsounds Radio) support the artists and writers of all music played on the station and are licensed by PRS and PPL

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