Gary Dean

Reeling in the Years (Saturday - 12noon)

Hi all, Gary here..

As a professional Presenter, DJ, and Voice-over Artist, my career has included working in countries such as the UK, Norway, Holland, Spain, Egypt, the Far East, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

I started out in 1976, where I was playing in the London pubs and clubs, before moving on to a number of Residencies in the London Soul Clubs before going on to DJ around the world.

My radio credits include stations such as Classic Gold, NRG, Radio 1 Norway, and Kiss FM Scandinavia.

I will been presenting my show "Reeling in the Years" every Saturday at 12 noon here on ASR (Allsounds Radio). I hope you can join me for my weekly attempt to "Reel" you into a sense of pure nostalgia with my selection of retro classics, guaranteed to have you singing along each weekend.

Gary Dean


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