Graham Cox

The Time Tunnel (TBA)

Hi all

I'm Graham Cox aka Coxy. I am an avid collector of many types of music. Music has always been part of my life for as far back as I can remember. I did the usual disco thing in the '70s as many of our age did and have been presenting radio shows for quite some time now.

Join me as we look back at the music that took us along the way. Memories from a bygone era that will hopefully remind you of how great the 60s 70s and 80s were. You'll hear anything from classic pop to soul, from rock to country in "Country Corner". I might even play a little from the 90s and 00s.. Who knows where the "The Time Tunnel" might stop for a tune of two.. 

I am looking forward to having your company as we take a trip down memory lane together, and I look forward to playing you the music I love and grew up with, right here on ASR
(Allsounds Radio) for "The Time Tunnel".

I sincerely hope you will tune in as often as possible. KTF!

Graham Cox


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