Timeless Classics (Saturday - 10pm)

Hi Everyone!

My name is Brendalee Chiedza Kandengwa , but you can simply call me Chi. I am a 43 year old lady with over ten years of Broadcasting experience.

I am what you may call a Jacky of many trades as I am a Radio Presenter,News Presenter,Singer/Songwriter,Actress ,Voice Over Artist and Nurse Aide.

My hobbies are singing and listening to music, watching movies, spending time with my three children and grandson, reading, swimming, helping people and being around nature.

My favourite music artist is Whitney Houston.
My motto is ; "the sky's the limit".

I hope you can join me for my show "Timeless Classics",
here on ASR (Allsounds Radio) at 10pm every Saturday evening.



ASR (Allsounds Radio) support the artists and writers of all music played on the station and are licensed by PRS and PPL

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