Alice Randall

The Evening Show (Monday - 9pm)

Meet Alice.. aka "Radio Girl"

Alice Randall is an experienced presenter of 6 years, who has been lucky enough to interview stars such as Alan Warner from The Foundations.

Radio has been Alice's passion from the young age of six and produced and created lots of different shows over the last few years, but the one show that always went down well with listeners was "The Evening Show" , credited for its entertainment and fun .

Alice is a little cheeky at times, but a fun presenter with a long lasting charm you will not forget in a hurry. 

Her audience will love the interaction elements of the show, such as what "were you doing in the year of", "the word song game" and "places in songs".

It's a chance for you the listener, when you've had a busy day, to relax, listen to the show  and have some fun!

You'll catch Alice here  every Monday nights from 9pm. 
Only on ASR (Allsounds Radio)


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